Why work with Save the Children?

Happy children at school
Laurent Duvillier

Save the Children is a reliable and credible organisation that can offer unique competence and provide on-the-ground support for companies that want to take the next step in corporate responsibility and become an actor for children’s rights.

We have strong relations with grassroots communities and civil society, but also world-leading experience in collaborating with UN agencies, donors, and governments. We talk to children worldwide every day which gives us intimate knowledge of children’s rights and needs. We are a leading force for implementing child rights in sustainability agendas and core business activities globally. 

Through pioneering work on children’s rights and business, for example via our centre for child rights and business in China, we now stand as a strategic and accomplished actor in understanding what children’s rights mean in an everyday business context. Drawing from these experiences, and the unsurpassed local knowledge offered by Save the Children’s local offices worldwide, a global structure is now ready to give your company a comprehensive service. Be it globally, regionally or locally, partnering with Save the Children helps you develop sustainability solutions good for business, good for development – and good for children.