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Childrens rights in practice - our service offerings
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Save the Children is in a unique position to help you implement your sustainability agenda relating to children and to be your advisor with expertise in localities around the world.

We guide your company through the process of looking at your value chain, your policies, and your practices to find out where your activity affects children. This results in a concrete action plan in prioritised parts of your business, ensuring the implementation of a child rights perspective in your long term business model. We always develop tailor-made agreements and processes, drawing from our various tools to put the Children’s Rights and business Principles (CRBP) into practice.

Value chain assessment

Our assessment model was developed together with our global partner Accenture. The model walks you through a process of helping your organisation understand, respect and commit to children’s rights, paralleled with policy reviews, online self-assessment, interviews and workshops with key staff.

With your knowledge of your business context, and our understanding of children’s rights and business, we map out what child rights mean across your value chain. 

Given the unique nature and context of every sector and every business, the next step differs from company to company. The results of the assessment will help you prioritize and formalize the action plan, and Save the Children is ready to support with contextual knowledge from our regional centres and local offices.

Action plan and trainings 

Drawing from our experience, we have developed trainings to maximise scale and impact, and we provide tools such as e-learning systems for staff and suppliers; support packages for migrant parents, young workers, and child labour remediation; and support with other types of change management.

We can also help with monitoring and evaluation of the actions you’ve decided to take. 

Save the Children can support you all the way through the change, however large or small, towards being a more child friendly company - and help you reap the benefits of your engagement with children.

Business practice

To date, companies in a variety of sectors, such as IKEA, Clas OhlsonTOP-TOY and Safaricom, have been supported around the world.