Resources & Guidelines

Save the Children has developed several tools and guidelines in relation to the Children’s Rights and Business Principles, for both companies and civil society organizations. 

This is a short presentation of some of the tools and guidelines. For further information, please go to Save the Children Resource Center where you can find all related material to the Children's Rights and Business Principles.

The Children’s Rights and Business Principles 

The Principles cover a wide range of critical issues that include, among others, child labour, marketing and advertising practices, and the role of business in aiding children affected by emergencies. The Principles call on companies everywhere to respect children’s rights through their core business actions, but also through policy commitments, due diligence and remediation measures.

The Civil Society Guide

This guide seeks to explore and expand on possibilities for civil society organizations to use the Principles when engaging business on matters related to children’s rights. The developing relationship between children and the private sector is a significant and complex one. With this in mind, the Civil Society Guide will help engage business in their efforts to effectively monitor, enforce and advance the rights of children.

Children’s Rights in Policies and Codes of Conduct: A Tool for Companies

A guidance for business on integrating children’s rights considerations into company policies and processes, developed by UNICEF and Save the Children.

Doing Good Work for us Children

The General Comment No. 16 requires that governments regulate, influence and engage with businesses in ways that ensure companies respect children’s rights. Save the Children has consulted over 400 young people ages 7–17 to ascertain their views and recommendations regarding the General Comment. Read the report from these consultations entitled Doing Good Work for us Children: Children and Adolescents’ Contributions to the draft General Comment on Child Rights and Business Sector.