Principle 10

All business should reinforce community and government efforts to protect and fulfil children’s rights.
Children in India and Pakistan often drop out or lose several months of schooling because they work in the cotton fields. The IKEA Foundation supports long-term child rights and education programmes that are managed by Save the Children and UNICEF in several cotton producing states. The goal of these programmes is to bring long-lasting improvements in children's lives by addressing the root causes of child labour.
Åke Ericson/Save the Children

The corporate responsibility to respect includes:

a. Not undermining government efforts to protect and fulfil children’s rights

Recognize that respect for the rule of law and the use of responsible business practices, including the payment of taxes to generate revenues, are essential for governments to meet their obligations to protect and fulfil children’s rights.

The corporate commitment to support includes:

b. Supporting government efforts to protect and fulfil children’s rights.

c. Considering undertaking strategic social investment programmes for children

Contribute to existing programmes or plan and implement social investment programmes in cooperation with governments, civil society and children. Health, education, recreation, child protection and raising awareness of children’s rights have been identified by children and child rights experts as priorities for children.

84% of CEOs believe that business should lead the effort to deliver sustainable development goals.
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