Expertise and experience

Save the Children is an expert on child rights
Father with baby
Mats Lignell

Working with an organization like Save the Children is crucial for businesses that invested in respecting and supporting children and their rights.

Save the Children can serve as the bridge between business and children, and can help broker and facilitate opportunities for business to engage with children. Save the Children can also help support consultations with children for business, and can help train and prepare employees and executives alike for engagement with children. In these and other ways, Save the Children can help business prepare, create space, and develop opportunities for the participation of children.

More broadly, Save the Children can also help your business monitor, enforce and advance children’s rights. By partnering with Save the Children, your business will be better positioned to identify, protect and fulfil children’s rights, implement the Children’s Rights and Business Principles into its operations, develop capacity for the advocacy of children’s rights, and craft and execute strategies to raise the profile of children’s rights in the community, nationally and even internationally.