How do you affect children?

Your business and its operations affects children in various ways and in various places. This happens in your workplace, in your marketplace, and also within the community in which your business operates. Your business affects children at various junctures along the value chain, as demonstrated above.

“Don’t take advantage of us, be responsible. Don’t support us because you pity us, support us because we deserve it. We purchase your products and services, now we ask you to invest in our development, our future. We don’t want gifts, we want you to act responsibly.” Young person in Peru

In the workplace

Your business can affect children through the conditions of young workers and parents, through policies on child labour, and through the quality of safety provided within your own facilities.

What you can do

You can develop a child protection code of conduct, provide decent working conditions, and prevent harm coming to young workers. Your business should not employ or use young children in any type of harmful child labour. Your business should promote education and sustainable solutions to address the root causes of child labour. 171 million people could, for instance, be lifted out of poverty if all children simply learned how to read.

In the marketplace

Your business can affect children through the products and services you produce and offer, as well as through your marketing and advertising.

What you can do

You can ensure that your production is conducted in line with relevant standards. You can make sure your overall production is safe. You can maximize the accessibility and availability of products and services that are essential to children’s survival and development, and use marketing that promotes children’s rights, positive self-esteem, healthy lifestyles, and non-violent values.

In the community and environment

Your business can affect children through acquisition or use of land for business operations, and also through security arrangements, and by operating in conflict or emergency areas.

What you can do

You can promote resource-use that is sustainable. You can recognize that caring for and improving the environment will have a positive impact on future generations. You can identify opportunities to prevent and mitigate disaster risks and help protect children whose rights are affected by emergencies or conflicts. You can also undertake strategic social investment programmes for children.