Principle 8 – deeper understanding

Respect and support children’s rights in security arrangements

Principle 8 calls upon business to respect and support children’s rights in security arrangements.

Business should ensure that children’s rights are clearly articulated in any contracts and arrangements that it has made with security service providers. Business should likewise ensure that its security personnel understand children’s rights. Crucially, children should not be used in security arrangements.

The massive expansion and globalization of the private security sector has been a striking development in the past decade. The private security services’ worldwide market was valued at $85 billion USD in 2010, and it has demonstrated an annual growth rate of 6-8%. Businesses around the globe employ private security staff to guard, among other things, business premises, factories, housing, and the staff itself. Invariably, security staff comes in contact with children on a daily basis. It is crucial that these encounters are child-friendly and that they always support the best interests of the child. With this in mind, security staff should keep children out of harm’s way. This responsibility lies with security firms offering their services as well as with those businesses that require such services.