Child Rights and Business Benefits

Support children’s rights – act long term
Young girl reading a book at school.
Save the Children

The private sector can profoundly impact social development. As such, businesses have a unique opportunity to act as agents of positive change for children and their rights.

As the future mothers and fathers, employees and employers, customers, and boardroom leaders, children are business’s most valuable stakeholders. Children should be seen as the very source of business’s success and survival and children’s rights should be considered essential for sustainability. Investing in the well-being and healthy development of children means an investment in everyone’s future.

The business benefits of investing in children:

  • Risk-management: Manage risks by avoiding negative media attention
  • Branding: Build a brand that is responsible, and therefore preferable to many consumers.
  • Talent-management: Avoid a large turn-over of staff and attract a high quality workforce
  • Effective and motivated workforce: Low production costs due to a motivated workforce, working efficiently because they are working for “something beyond” their immediate work sphere and feel like they are adding value to society
  • Investing in the future: Invest in children's healthy development and have a positive impact on the environment, healthy workforces, happy families and create good dialogues with governments and other business partners. Investing in children is therefore the ultimate definition of sustainability.

Save the Children can help your business implement concrete actions and reach tangible, measurable and sustainable results. Save the Children can connect children’s rights to your core business operations by creating genuine partnerships. We rely on the expertise that we have built for almost a 100 years working for the well-being of children in over 120 countries worldwide. Save the Children has invested in better understanding how our work can benefit companies in their core business activities and supply chain.

Our Goal

Save the Children’s goal is a world where business commits to respecting and supporting children’s rights through their core activities and operations. We recognize the potential for business to positively influence the lives and rights of children and therefore champion children’s rights in the private sector.