Save the Children is helping the leading Nordic toy and children’s products retailer to assess all their impact on children, from supplier to toy store.

As a leading retailer of toys and products for children in the Nordic region, TOP-TOY has had a strong human rights and child focus in their sustainability agenda for several years. The company has been highly committed to the Children’s Rights and Business Principles since their launch, and specifically highlights the principles in their policies.

In 2014, TOP-TOY engaged Save the Children to support them in facilitating a child rights impact assessment and has since started to address product segments and marketing, as well as a number of child rights issues in their supply chain for which they are engaging with Save the Children’s implementing partner CCR CSR in China.

“For us as a toy company the Children’s Rights and Business Principles came at a perfect time, and were a perfect match – now we did not have to pay a consultant to develop a framework that related to children. It was all there,” says Christoffer Falkman, Sustainability Specialist at TOP-TOY.

“The strength of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles is that, even though it is complicated, they boil the issue down to a fairly concrete level.”

The straight-forward approach of the CRBP helped Christoffer Falkman in his work to implement a children’s rights focus internally.

“To sell the ideas of compliance and sustainability is not always easy. When it comes to product safety, most companies understand in regards to quality and safety, but when it comes to the social side – the soft part of the compliance – that is sometimes a challenge,” Christoffer Falkman says.

For TOP-TOY the human rights agenda was largely defined as working conditions in the factories of the suppliers and Christoffer Falkman admits that before working with the CRBP they didn’t think of the ‘bigger’ perspective

“If you think that working with children’s rights sounds complicated, I would urge you to get in touch with an organisation that knows about it. It doesn’t cost so much and it doesn’t mean you have to revolutionise everything you do.”

TOP-TOY has been a strong advocate for children’s rights in numerous corporate sustainability events and other platforms where sustainability is discussed.