Business Practice

Save the Children has supported numerous of companies in understanding and implementing a child rights perspective. We guide your company when looking at your value chain to find out how your activities affects children. We recommend concrete, sustainable actions ensuring the child rights perspective in your long term business model.

We have the right experience and know-how

Save the Children has a vast and long experience of working with companies. Our global partnership with IKEA and the IKEA Foundation started 20 years ago. Together we are tackling the root causes of child labour, by providing holistic programs with an emphasis on education.

We know the stakeholder

We talk to and involve children in our work every day, and we have been doing so for over 90 years. We are the voice of children and a dependable source of information concerning children and children’s rights.

We are glocal

We have strong national and global presence and are active in 120 countries all over the world, working on the ground within communities. We have a deep understanding for how to work in different cultures and contexts. We are building expertise on the Children’s Rights and Business Principles worldwide.

We influence on a large scale

We are the world’s largest independent children’s organisation with the ability to influence both locally and globally.

We support companies

Save the Children Sweden can help assess your impact on children and help develop action plans within your core business, thus making lives better for many children. We know how you can implement the Children’s Rights and Business Principles and lift your sustainability strategy to a new level.